Yup. Fell down went boom.


You’d think I had enough on my plate but noooo. The week I start radiation I fall and sprain my ankle but good. Crutches need to be used but for as short a period as possible. My underarms are still damaged from surgery and the crutches can cause lymphedema if I’m not careful and the friction can damage my skin as we head into week two of rads.

I’ve got some new works in progress. Got this box colored and the sides complete. I don’t understand the flowers at all but I’m guessing they understand themselves just fine.



This is for a coffin box that I hope I get done before Samhain.  Inspired by a piece by Sheila Rayyan at Motherspoon I hope she’s flattered as this piece will stay in my possession. Sorry for the poor photo, I just can’t get around easy. Design in progress.



This one will be on a heart shaped piece for a wall plaque. Also a design in progress.


I’m healing well and once I’m more mobile I hope I’ll be more active here but it *is* hard to plan these things.

Blessings to you all as Mabon (equinox) approaches and fall fully descends. May your harvest be bountiful.


In the interest of trying to offset my many medical bills and since I’m feeling better, I’ve re-opened the Stitch Witch Cottage Etsy shop.

These two quilt tops (tops only, quilts are not complete) were hand sewn by my grandmother. I’ve cherished them and stored them carefully, always thinking some day I would complete them. Its just not going to happen. I have one that is complete and that will do me. Its time these lovelies found a good home with a quilter who will treasure them also but also complete them.

Flower Quilt Top

Yoyo Quilt Topyoyo4

I’ve got one bag and three boxes listed also.

You can also donate directly to my Cancer Helpfund.



“The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without the work.”

- Emile Zola

Update 2/1/13 : I had intended to have more pages online by now but, alas, I am battling breast cancer.  Recovering from surgery which was a couple weeks ago, I start chemo soon.  It will be a long slog.  Why am I here today then?

Last night I discovered that almost my entire site was stolen and put online and it was being largely presented as someone else’s work.  I’ve petitioned the hosting service telling them of the situation but felt that perhaps it is time to get the entire site back up now.  Obviously there is a need for it because you love the demos and your happiness matters to me but I also feel that I needed to comment on this. Please excuse the bugginess of the images. I’m still figuring out the best way to use photos in WordPress..

Please feel free to use my work to assist you in creating your own reproduction clothing. Please refrain from using it in any other way, certainly not presenting it online as your own work.

I will do all I can in the next week or so to get all the original pages live again. Your patience is greatly appreciated as I battle thieves and cancer.

This site deals exclusively with 14th century English and French women’s clothing. The Luttrell Psalter (see Glimpses of Medieval Life on the British Library website) and the Greenland finds ( Woven Into the Earth) are the specific focus.

There are no new demos scheduled at this time. Please enjoy what is here, it is free for your personal use offline. If you would like to use any of the information on this site for teaching please contact The Medieval Tailor for permission.  Please don’t use the information here for any other website without discussing and obtaining permission from the tailor in advance.

This site is not affiliated with the Medieval Tailor’s Assistant. The information on this site is free and not published anywhere else.