Class Handouts

These handouts are humble beginnings of my research. Much has been done since then and they are woefully out of date. I have gone much further since these were written although I did update the overview paper.

Please feel free to use these as you like as long as you include my name and website URL in any copies you might make. Also remember that these documents are rather dated and serve as a jumping off point. They are by no means complete or comprehensive and include only about 50% of my research and don’t come close to including all the images available for this time and place.

The images in the pdfs were taken from the following books. The copyrights are owned by them and were used in these handouts for scholarly purposes only.

  • Crowfoot, Elisabeth, Frances Pritchard, Kay Staniland, Medieval Finds From Excavations In London: 4 Textiles and Clothing c. 1150-1450, 1992, HMSO Publications Center, London, ISBN 0-11-290445-9; Grew, Francis and Margrethe de Neergaard
  • Medieval Finds From Excavations In London: 2 Shoes and Pattens, 1988, The Stationary Office, London ISBN 0-11-290443-2
  • Scott, Margaret, A Visual History of Costume: The 14th and 15th Centuries,
    1986, B.T. Batsford Ltd, London, ISBN 0-7134-4857-1;
  • Schuette, Marie and Sigrid Mueller-Christensen, A Pictorial History of Embroidery,
    1963 Frederick A. Praeger, New York LCCN 6401337

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